Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Who is visiting your farm?

Most farmers have a pretty good idea who comes onto their farms and are pretty selective about who they allow onto their farms. But even if you know who is coming onto your farm, do you know who they might be bringing with them…

Pests and diseases are great at sneaking onto farms by hiding in soil or plant materials, on machinery and equipment, on boots and clothing and on plants and animals new to the farm. Fortunately, stopping these unwanted guests from visiting your farm is up to you, by following these simple steps:

  • Clean and disinfect machinery and equipment coming onto your farm
  • Wash-down and disinfect vehicles coming onto your farm or have a separate parking area away from farm production areas
  • Have dedicated farm clothing and boots and disinfect them if they go off farm
  • Request an Animal Health Statement for new animals or Vendor Declaration for plants
  • Quarantine new animals/plants ideally for 21 days, or for as long as you can

For more information about controlling who’s coming onto your farm, visit: http://www.farmbiosecurity.com.au/essentials-toolkit/farm-inputs/



Pest/disease in the spotlight

Tomato Potato Psyllid (TPP)                

What: Insect

Where: Currently being managed in WA (cannot be eradicated)

What does it affect: tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums, chilli, goji berry, tamarillo, eggplant & sweet potato

What does it do: feeds on plant tissue and can carry bacterium that causes Zebra Chip (bacteria not yet present in Australia)

What to look for: Insects on underside of leaves, leaf damage, stunting and yellowing of growth tip, yellowing or purpling of leaf margins, upward curling of leaves, severe wilting, white sugar-like granules on stem and leaves and stem death

Who to call: If you suspect TPP, immediately call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline: 1800 084 881 To find out more visit: http://www.planthealthaustralia.com.au/pests/tomatopotato-psyllid/