Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Fire permits required state wide

The requirement for fire permits is being extended to cover all Tasmanian municipalities from 2am Saturday 15th December 2018. 

TFS permit officers issue permits with clear conditions that will ensure any burn is conducted as safely as possible. The landowner is responsible for their burn, and permits offer a certain level of protection when landowners adhere to the fire permit's conditions.

Campfires and barbeques do not require a permit. However, people must remain in attendance at all times while any fires remain alight and ensure they are completely extinguished before leaving unattended.

While the fire permit period is in place the following will apply:

  • People intending to light a fire for burning vegetation or a similar purpose must obtain a permit. 
  • People intending to light a fire at a sawmill or factory for burning wood waste or other flammable material must obtain a permit. 
  •  People intending to light a fire for cooking, warmth or disposal or garden waste do not require a permit provided that:
    • The fire is not lit in peat, humus or marram grass
    • The fire is attended by a responsible adult at all times until it is extinguished.
    • All flammable material is removed at least three metres radius around the fire.
    • It is less than one cubic metre in size.

Please note: Some Local Government authorities prohibit backyard burning in residential areas.

For information on how to obtain a fire permit free call 1800 000 699 or visit www.fire.tas.gov.au