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Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Do you have a weed management plan?

Weeds can be an expensive problem for farmers and cost Australian farmers approximately $1.5 billion per year in weed control practices. There’s also the cost to production, estimated to be $2.5 billion per year, with weeds competing with other plants, crops and livestock for resources, contaminating produce, affecting farm machinery and causing illness in livestock.

This makes weeds an important issue for all farmers and controlling the spread of weeds between, and onto farms, vital. Some important things to consider to prevent weeds coming onto your farm include:

  • -thoroughly cleaning harvesting and washdown machinery and equipment after use and between production areas
  • -being aware of the risks of weed contamination when sourcing feed, grain, fodder, machinery, equipment and seeds
  • -correct spraying protocols including spray used, frequency of spraying and wind direction
  • -staff awareness of farm hygiene and weed management practices
  • -requesting a vendor declaration - weed hygiene when purchasing feed, fodder or machinery (available from TasFodder or TFGA websites)
  • -developing a Weed Management and Hygiene Plan, available here.

The TFGA is continuing to work on helping stop the spread of weeds through the Farm Biosecurity Engagement Project. To find out more about the project contact  Mandy Bowling: (03)6332 1800  or at  mandy.bowling@tfga.com.au