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Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

AUSVEG 'Veggycation' tool

A new online education tool Veggycation has been released by AUSVEG and Hort Innovation.  The site is an easy-to-use tool for vegetable growers, health professionals and the wider public that showcases the nutritional benefits of different vegetables and explains the optimal methods to store, prepare and cook them.

The website includes a vast array of information about more than 80 different vegetables. The information on offer includes the specific health benefits of incorporating each vegetable into your diet and the best way to store, prepare and cook them to ensure peak taste and nutritional benefits are experienced when eating vegetables.
Veggycation also includes valuable information for growers – both professional farmers and home gardeners – about harvesting, postharvest storage and handling different vegetables, as well as nutrition and health claims that growers can include in their promotional materials to further educate consumers about the health benefits of their products to encourage increased sales.
For further information and to access the online tool please click here