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Farming today is not just about farming, it is by definition about running a business. Farms in the 21st century have to be operated as businesses, they need to incorporate all of the standard business principles and then adapt them to the uniqueness of the individual farm.

Agriculture today is competitive and that means that as individual farmers and as a significant sector of the Tasmanian economy we need to be at the leading edge. We need to be increasing our exports to both the mainland and overseas and that means we have to be efficient and cost competitive.

In Tasmania we have some very special advantages, however in order to maximise these advantages we must first and foremost understand them ourselves and then ensure that clients have the same understanding.

The agriculture sector in Tasmania has massive potential, both in terms of productive capacity but also in the vast array of products that we produce. The aspiration of an industry that sits at ten billion dollars by 2050 is achievable, however it will depend on understanding the industry at large not just your own farm. It will also require an innovative and progressive approach to way we conduct our farming businesses.