Wolfe Brothers promote agriculture in Tasmania

Ag 2025 was an opportunity for Tas farmers to come together with some key stakeholders and think about the way our industry will look in the future.

The take out message was that the future depends on all of us. In particular, our farmers accepted that the future was in their hands - and they needed to take responsibility for the future. The plan that resulted focussed on a series of 'we will' statements.

Since then there's been quite a bit happening all across the state. There's a long way to go and much more to do.

We've heard a lot today about building trust for farmers amongst consumers. One of the speakers said that people don't care how much farmers know, they want to know how much you care. And that's true.

So, as part of this process, we are pleased to launch the first public part of a dialogue with the wider Tasmanian community - a quick tour through many aspects of our vitally important farming industry. And fabulously the artists are home grown Tassie boys too.

This will be a great tool to help everyone engage in conversations across the state - about our farmers, the things the grow and the role they play in our community.

Importantly, it is one more step along the path of taking responsibility for your own future - and showing people that you do care.