TFGA submissions

TFGA Submission Ag Competitiveness Green Paper

TFGA Submission Draft report of Natural Disaster Funding

TFGA Submission R&D Levy Inquiry

TFGA Submission Review of Hydraulic Fracking



















TFGA_Submission_Huonvalley_Biodiversity Code and Overlay



Submission_Joint_Response_From_Horticultural_Industries_Bodies Inquiry

TFGA_Submission_Aus Animal Wefare Standards



TFGA Submission on Threatened Species Commissioner

TFGA Submission Crisis Response for Animal Welfare

TFGA Submission Inquiry into Environmental Offsets

TFGA Submission Forestry Tasmania Plan 

TFGA Submission to future of beekeeping pollination

TFGA Submission_Senate_Inquiry into WHA Ext 

TFGA Submission_AgVet Chemical Legislation Amendments

TFGA Submission to HAL Review 

TFGA Submission_Grass Fed Beef Levy

TFGA Submission_DPIPWE Cotton Top Tamarin

TFGA Submission_Productivity Commission Freight 

Forestry Tasmania Plan comments

TFGA Submission_Implications of the restriction on the use of Fenthion on Australia's horticultural industry

TFGA Submission_Orchids 

TFGA Submission_Productivity Commission Freight 

TFGA Submission_DPIPWE Dama Dama

Comments on Polytunnel regs 

TFGA Submission_Improvements To NLIS for Sheep & Goats

2014 triennial assessment of water reform progress under NWI1 

Emissions Reduction Fund Submission

TFGA Submission_2013 National Wild Dog Action Plan

TFGA Submission_Tasmania proposed welfare standards for dogs

TFGA Submission_Tasmania Proposed Welfare Standards for Dogs

Giddings re: Red Tape Submission

TFGA 2014 15 State Budget Submission

TFGA Submission_DPIPWE African Serval_additional comments

TFGA Submission - Fenamiphos - Preliminary Review Findings Report

TFGA submission_Tas Governmnt Framework for Community Engagement

TFGA Submission_GCC Animal Management By-Law

Comments on Polytunnel regs 

TFGA Submission_2013 Review Nat Wool Declaration

Response to comments on QueenBee IRA

TFGA_Mulesing Validation Feedback Form

TFGA Submission_Review of the moratorium on GMOs

TFGA Submission_Consultation draft Tasmanian Coastal Policy Statement

TFGA Submission_Draft Aboriginal Heritage Regs Bill amendments

TFGA response to Review of Dairy Australia Constitution 

TFGA Submission Nat Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines

TFGA Submission re IRA Importation Of Queen Bees

TFGA Submission to the Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry

TFGA response to Review of Dairy Australia Constitution

TFGA response to AWI Draft Strategic Plan

TFGA Submission_Framework for Community Engagement

TFGA Submission_Rural Co. Proposed Acquisition of Elders

TFGA Submission on Water Management Amendment Bill 

TFGA Submission re Northern Tasmania Regional Landuse Strategy

TFGA Submission_APVMA Fenamiphos Review

TFGA Submission_Review of Tasmanian Poppy Industry Regulation System

A National Highway to Tasmania

World Heritage Submission


TFGA Submission_Draft ToR Tasmanian Bushfires 

TFGA Submission on TFA to LegCo 

TFGA Submission_Macquarie WMP 

TFGA Submission_DPIPWE African Serval

TFGA Submission_HoR Committee Ag & Vet Chemical Amendment Bill Inquiry

TFGA Submission_Senate Biosecurity Bill 2012

TFGA Submission_Natonal Foreign Ownership Register

Draft Ringarooma Catchment Management Plan 

TFGA 2013-14 State Budget Submission

TFGA Submission_DAFF AGVet Chemical Legislation Amendment Bill 

TFGA Submission_DAFF Reform of Australia's Biosecurity System 

TFGA Submission_Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy

TFGA Submission_DPIPWE Animal Welfare Act Review

TFGA Submission_Leg Co Inquiry Tas Poppy Industry

TFGA NHS Submission

Climate Change Adaptation Issues Paper Feedback

TFGA Submission_DAFF Reform of Australia's Biosecurity System

Local Government rates and valuation review

TFGA Submission_Tasmanian Biosecurity Strategy

TasTAFE Functions

Tasmania's Place in the Asian Century 

Senate Inquiry Proposed Importation of NZ Potatoes

Quad-watch Discussion paper - Response

African Boxthorn 

National Food Plan TFGA submission 

Horticulture Export Efficiency Powers

Climate Change Leg review submisson

TFGA Submission_CFoC Lets Continue the Conversation

TFGA submission_DAFF NZ Potato Import Review

FMD Strategy Consultation Response

TFGA_Joint Food Regulation System

Submission to Tas Drought Reform Issues paper addendum

Submission to Tas drought reform issues paper


TFGA Submission_DSEWPC Cost Recovery Impact Statement EPBC Act

TFGA Submission to SC on Enviroment Resources and Dev -Tas Hemp Industry Inquiry April 2011

TFGA Submission_ FSANZ Horticulture produce safety

Gene Technology Bill 2012

TFGA submission_STWS

TFGA submission_GPA Grains Industry Stewardship

TFGA submission_DAFF Importation of Potato Propagative Material

Parks & Wildlife Service Inquiry

Animal Welfare Act review

Review and Comments on draft algal managment plan

TFGA Submission_EMPC Bill

TFGA Submission_Draft National Wildlife Corridors Plan Submission

Historic Cultural Heritage Submission

TFGA Submission_DAFF AgVet Chemical Reform

TFGA Submission_Austn Veg Ind Strategic Investment Plan White Paper

STCA Biodiversity Offset Guidelines

Ausveg_PCN Management Plan 2012

TFGA Tas Vet Review Submission

Oakeshott Renewable Energy Submission

PACB Discussion Paper 080312

TFGA Submission_APVMA communication & consultation policy

TFGA_Reliability Review Submission_OTTER

TFGA Submission_FSANZ Report on A1039 Low THC Hemp as a Food

TFGA Submission_Importation of poppy capsules

TFGA State Government Budget Submission 2012-2013