tasmanian vegetable strategic plan

Facilitated implementation of the Tasmanian Vegetable Industry Strategic Plan began in earnest towards the end of 2010 – following a review of the industry situation and audit of implementation progress to date.

While the plan covers many strategic aspects of the vegetable industry, there are essentially seven key areas that growers could focus on and know they are making a positive contribution to their own and the Tasmanian vegetable industry’s future. These are:

• Fund market development and awareness of the environmentally ‘special’ product attributes to consumers at an industry level
• Lower the cost of key inputs such as fertilizer through collaboration with supply chain stakeholders
• Increase efficiency in installing and accessing  energy – pumps, metering, electricity aggregation - and assess alternatives
• Benchmark costs and compare farming practices at a regional level
• Implement controlled traffic farming machinery standards (by commodity) through collaboration with contractors, processors and wholesalers
• Consolidate and streamline farm assets – specifically land and machinery – to lower fixed overheads 
• Aggressively research, select and promote lower nutrient using varieties of high input commodities such as potatoes   

Please see links to two documents - Strategic Plan Situation Analysis and Audit.

Papers in relation to the above are in various stages of preparation and available on request from the Strategic Plan facilitator.

TFGA Vegetable Facilitator Final Report_Dec 2012

This project is funded by the Tasmanian Government (DPIPWE).