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The total value of vegetable production in Tasmania is approximately $239 million (ABS Survey, 2009). This production is obtained from almost 14 thousand hectares and 1,142 properties.

The five commodities producing the greatest value in Tasmania are: Green peas, Hops, Carrots, Onions and Potatoes.

A range of other vegetables also contribute to the value of production with detailed data provided here

tasmanian potato industry

As the highest value vegetable produced in the State, the potato is considered the backbone of the Tasmanian vegetable industry. With a farm gate value of approximately $82.5m, the potato industry makes up approximately 70% of the total value of vegetable production.

The TFGA Vegetable Council is the combined voice of vegetable growers in Tasmania. Growers of crops that include potatoes, onions, beans, peas, carrots and brassica's (broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts) are represented through the Vegetable Council.

Improved profitability, identification of new markets, ongoing research and development are key areas of activity with-in the Vegetable Council. These activities, together with value adding and the continued advancement in promotion of Tasmania's quality agricultural produce are objectives of the Council.

The Chairman of the Vegetable Council is Nathan Richardson.

The committees representing your interests are:

• McCain Processed Potatoes
• McCain Seed Potatoes
• Simplot Processed Potatoes
• Simplot Seed Potatoes
• Simplot Peas
• Simplot Beans
• Simplot Brassicas
• Simplot Carrots
• Onion Growers
• Pyrethrum Growers
• Fresh Market & Export Growers


If you have a vegetable related issue or query contact:

Sam Wedgwood
Policy Advisor - Commodities