The importance of agriculture to the economy is more marked in Tasmania than in any other state. It accounts for five per cent of gross state product (GSP) and seven per cent of state employment.

The big two in terms of production are milk and potatoes, together worth about $450 million a year, almost 50 per cent of total agricultural production, but we have twice as many specialist beef cattle farms as dairy farms and three times the national average in the number of vegetable farms.

Plus Tasmania crushes an estimated 9000 tonnes of grapes a year. We grow truffles. We grow garlic. We grow cherries for the Japanese market and we still have the best apple growers in the world.

That is why we seek to protect this Garden of Eden.

Sheep and Cattle Health Statement Booklets now available at TFGA

A Sheep Health Statement (SHS) or a Cattle Health Statement (CHS) are documents available to producers to declare the health status of the animals.   Buyers or producers taking animals on agistment should ask for a SHS or a CHS before buying or accepting animals on agistment.  

The statements provide health information for the sale animals as well as the flock or herd of origin, and helps a producer to determine if the consignment presents an acceptable level of risk as part of the farms biosecurity plan.

Producers can easily complete a health statement, tear this out to move with the animals, and keep a secure copy in a bound book.   With all the documents safely stored in one place the producer has a great record of stock health and movements over time.  

TFGA have books of 25 sheep health statements and/or cattle health statements with carbon copies available for purchase.  

Sheep and Cattle Health Statement books can be purchased at TFGA Launceston by members for $12.50 or for non-members, $25.00.    For more information contact Sam Wedgwood on 03 6332 1800.  Email: