Links for dealing with up coming dry conditions:


The effects of the coming dry period can be mitigated with effective planning and a well-established support system in place. The following links provide information on how to manage properties during a dry period, as regards salinity levels, water usage, low water tolerant plants, looking after pastures during dry conditions and new cropping practices for sustainable farming. The research is well collated by CSIRO and provides practical ideas and plant science information that is also considerate of profitability factors.  

This season will be tough, and so it is essential to be aware of the supports that are available to you. This includes financial assistance, financial counselling, counselling and crisis assistance.  These supports can help you through your personal challenges in productive and considerate way. Rural Alive and Well offer excellent crisis information as well as personally directed assistance.

Lifeline offer crisis management and counselling support on their 24/7 line. Centrelink offer crisis help and emergency financial assistance and remote area support.  And for the younger farmers and farm hands, Headspace offers counsellors and GPs for young adults (up to 25 yrs old) that is bulk billed. 

Farm help links


Drought and Farming: CSIRO have conducted extensive research on technologies that can assist farmers through a dry period with information on salinity levels and drought tolerant plants. click here

Soil maps for iPad: This is a wonderful app that allows farmers to ‘find what’s beneath their feet’ and that ascertains the best soil information from a collection of soil databases across Australia. It can be used to assess the best soil for land management, water usage and clay content through photographs, satellite images and data on the soil in your farm. click here

Sustainable farming research:  sustainable farm management through resource usage management. Understand ecosystem health through a variety of links that offer information on decision support tools, integrated pest management, precisions agriculture and sold, water landscapes. click here

Plant science links: Information for cropping farmers on plant breeds that are pest resistant and sustainable during a dry period click here 

Digital agriculture: Computer and sensor technologies assisting farmers to be as productive and proactive as possible. Most sectors of agriculture are interested in these technologies because of the benefits they can potentially provide in an increasingly complex and volatile decision-making environment, and where developments in automation can overcome constraints of labour scarcity and expense click here


Discussion paper on profitability : A discussion paper on the beef industry  and a strategic plan for export, processing and implications for the industry click here 


Environmental sustainability: Meat and livestock Australia portal for R and D reports, publications case studies and practical information practical environmental sustainability and biodiversity.  Click here to read more 

Personal help links


Help in emergencies:  A Centrelink portal for assistance in emergencies. This includes drought and flood. Click here

Crisis help: Direct link to the help in crisis page for Centrelink. This includes risk of homelessness, crisis help, family violence and bereavement assistance click here

Farm Household Allowance:  Eligibility of farm household allowance for rural families, farm financial assistance, and payment rates for farm household allowance, click here

Remote Area Allowance: Income support for those in rural area click here


Headspace ‘about us’, their aims, services and how they can be an effective support for young people, click here



Tool kit for getting through floods, drought and extreme weather and the impact on rural communities and individuals as regards mental health and getting through. Click here for information 


Financial counselling service for rural communities. There are some handy links that can provide extra information and supports for those experiencing financial hardship or financial insecurity stress. Click here 

Extra information

Tas Gov

The program delivers research, development and extension services directly to farmers providing more opportunity for access to the latest research, developments and knowledge. It also aims to better align research, development and extension activities with the needs of farmers. To know more, click here 

Utas information

Water for profit. To read further, click here