australian year of the farmer profiles

Charles & Janet Wallace

December 21, 2012
It was the fishing that first attracted Charles Wallace’s father Peter to Tasmania from Victoria in the days before the war. When he was invalided out during the war and had to contemplate a new life, he turned naturally to northern Tasmania. He bought the 320-ha Woodbourn property at Cressy, which is where Charles Wallace, wife Janet and son-in-law Lauchie Cole farm today.

Gwendolyn Adams

November 22, 2012
In 1970 Gwendolyn Adams was just 29 when she found herself the only prospect of saving the family farm. At stake was Leighlands, a 160-ha property on the South Esk near Perth with a rich heritage involving two notable families in Tasmania’s history.

Bernard Brain

October 25, 2012
Bernard Brain stands on the hill behind his place at Ouse and looks at the Ouse River valley laid out seemingly at his feet.