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The Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association (TFGA) is Tasmania’s state farmer organisation, representing over 5,000 members who live and work on farm businesses situated across Tasmania.

The TFGA is an active, powerful lobby group owned and governed by farmers, for farmers. With a strong record of successful political advocacy and leadership, the TFGA has generated substantial benefits for the agriculture sector since its formation in 1948.

Even though farming has its own natural challenges from droughts, bushfires and floods, it is also under constant threat from regulation, legislation and special interest groups. These attacks will not go away by themselves. The only way to effectively counter them is to stand together with a strong, united voice.

The TFGA consists of five Commodity Groups - Dairy, Meat, Wool, Agriculture and Vegetable - as well as four Committee groups – Cereal & Seeds, Poppies, Environmental Policy, Climate Change, Game Management, Native Vegetation, Water, Weeds and Forestry.

TFGA members lead each of these groups and, with the support of staff, provide the power to effectively influence all levels of government on the wide range of issues that impact on modern farming.

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